Monday, September 8, 2008


We had a good week filled with lots of football. I sometimes wonder if Aaron realizes how fortunate he is to have a wife that loves football as much as I do (and a son that is well on his way)!?! Good OU game, Chiefs were nothing great but at least they didn't get killed by the Pats, and Riverfield's 8-man team (only in it's second year) won 58-0 in the first game of the year.

Our friends Heather and Rob shared a huge cookie with Caleb that resembled their dog Petie. Caleb was pretty sleepy when presented with the cookie but muddled through :) Note before and after of the puppy cookie.

Caleb has been very into drawing and coloring lately. And, for the most part, he's done a good job of coloring on appropriate areas (no couches, walls, or tables, as of yet).

There's been no pottying in the new potty but Caleb loves it for step-stool purposes. He can now see himself in the mirror and spit into the sink when we brush teeth. Here's some spit practice:

Another silly video clip of Caleb "playing the vacuum attachment". I don't know hunting, but it sounds a little like a duck call toward the end, right Betsy?

Maybe it's because we are preparing to have a tiny baby around or maybe he's hitting a growth spurt (he has been eating lots and lots lately), but Caleb seems so big these days. When he wears "big boy clothes" like these carpenter jeans and his New Balance, he looks like such a little man. On Friday we stopped by Bopha's house to pick up an embroidered onesie and burp cloth that she created. It was quite humorous to see the size difference between Caleb and Lincoln, who is only three days younger than Caleb - probably 6 inches in height and about 7 pounds.

After getting stuck in Jenks football traffic, then BA/Union football traffic (BA WON!!!!), we were quite tardy to the Riverfield game. In fact, they invoked the mercy rule and called it at half so we saw a whopping 10 minutes of the game. But Caleb's favorite part was definitely running around on the field afterward.

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Saturday I spent the evening in OKC with my friend Mandy, eating at a yummy restaurant and enjoying "Mamma Mia" at the Civic Center. It was much fun and a great evening of catching up with a good friend.

I had waited to put any of these pictures on the blog until after Grandparent's Day as it was part of the grandparents' card, but here's a 3D shot of Baby Girl Walton from a few weeks ago. I think she looks a lot like Caleb did.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, my fantasy football team beat Aaron's this weekend! Yippee! Even if I lose every other game this season, at least I'll have that to hang my hat on.

One more February I blogged about my friend Heather's dad, who had been diagnosed with colon cancer. He has beaten any expectation that the doctors had for him and is currently undergoing his second series of chemo treatments. However, Heather's family was dealt an unanticipated blow last Friday when her mom was diagnosed with cancer of the breast (different than actual 'breast cancer' but don't know the details). Please pray for Heather's mom, Karen, and for the whole family during this crazy time.

Have a great week and enjoy this weather!


bopha said...

Sorry you missed so much of the game-glad your 8-man team creamed them though. Your baby looks so cozy-it's always fun to get to see those pictures.