Monday, September 22, 2008

Short One This Week

Short post this week as 1) we were minus the camera for a few days and 2) Aaron was out of town so I was on Caleb duty full-time, which doesn't provide tons of picture taking opportunities. Lots of excuses, I know, but here's the week in a nutshell:

Aaron left for DC for a conference and was gone most of the week. I am not sure how much of the conference he went to though, as he kept sending pictures from the various DC sites during normal conference hours. Here's an example

I've never really thought that Aaron had a big head but it's blocking the whole dang White House in this picture :)

Making progress on the new new house. Aaron and his work friends finished up running all the wiring last week and we should be insulated and starting sheet rock this week. Not fast enough progress for me, but oh well. Here's a shot of some of the electrical work. Aaron took this sort of picture when our current house was being built and at the time I thought it was silly. However, he has pulled that disc of pictures out many times when working on A/V projects or even hanging things on the walls and looking for studs.

Caleb is adding lots and lots more words to his vocab. Aaron thought he had really progressed just in the few days he was gone. Most words are pretty clear or at least easily decipherable but the last two days he has said something that sounds a lot like "Babygap" over and over. He started out saying it in the car then his teacher asked me today when I picked up if I knew what he was saying. He doesn't point to anything or do any specific motion with it so we're kinda clueless. This evening he was saying it and smirking just because we were trying to guess what he was saying.

Not to spoil any surprises but we did go ahead and secure a Halloween costume last week when I was placing an online order from Old Navy. Though he wasn't too sure about it at first, Caleb has really been enjoying being a monkey. Don't worry, this picture only looks like he's driving Aaron's car. The camera was in the car and by the time I unlocked the doors and got the camera out of the passenger seat, Caleb was up and ready to drive. The only frustration so far has been that he asks, "Feet go?" when he first puts on the pants because he can't see his own feet over the fleece monkey feet. But he seems to be fine once I point out that his own feet are still under there. More monkey pictures to come in about a month and 1/2 as we do the Halloween thing.

Several have requested pregnant pics of me. I really will show a picture or two sometime soon but look a little worse for the wear right now and don't feel like taking a photo. There are several of us mucho preggos that will be at our HS reunion in two weeks, maybe we'll all get together and take a belly pic.

A big CONGRATS to several pageant friends:
Damaris won Miss Tulsa on Saturday night! She and Jana (another friend) tied for swimsuit and talent and Jana was 1st RU. Both girls better be grateful for my presence there because I wasn't feeling all that great, went anyway, then ended up tossing my cookies in the parking lot (so embarrassing!) and continued to do so for the next several hours. Feeling much better now though.

And a former Miss OK friend, Megan, was named to the OKC Thunder Dance team (that's the new NBA franchise in OKC). She will be a great asset to the team and has done many great things in the pageant and non-pageant realm since we first met.

Think that's about it for now. See, even when I promise a short week, I can't help but ramble on and on.

Have a great week!


Goldsworthy Family said...

Love the monkey costume! I bought Jett's costume a few weeks ago, but he freaks out when I try to put it on him. I was a little worried about the head piece since he doesn't like anything covering his head anymore, but I didn't know that the body of it would be so traumatic.

grannok43 said...

Love hearing your news and seeing your " Little Monkey". I would love to chat when you have time. I'll call you or better yet, you call me when there is a good time.

Anonymous said...

Would the "Babygap" sound be a question, for "where the baby at?" In reference to your belly? Just a thought.