Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Another Summer Week

To you loyal readers that used to check the blog every Monday morning that turned into Tuesday morning then the occasional Wednesday morning, I sincerely apologize. I have no excuse other than I've been busy doing other things. I really feel like I have to get back on track or I'll be really bad about blogging when Baby #2 arrives. So here goes...

Caleb spent most of last week under the weather. Tuesday evening his tummy was a little grumbly. We found out why all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc. as we went through an entire Sam's-sized box of diapers. He finally rounded the bend Sunday afternoon, a blessing because Aaron and I both really needed to be at work on Monday morning. He never ran a fever and never really had loss of appetite, just a lot of funky diapers. In additional to bowel issues, he started to break out with these spots on his back and legs. And, like any good mom, I circled them when I first noticed them so that I could monitor whether or not they were growing in number or in size. (They did neither.)

Over the weekend we relocated a plant that was running out of room in its old pot. Caleb was very eager to help in the process, as you can see.

Because of the constant diaper changing, the close eye on the spots, and the Oklahoma heat, Caleb spent a lot of last week in just his diaper. Here is a cute picture that shows Caleb driving his car on an unsuspecting (and unappreciative) Lilah. Note: that is dried ketchup from lunch on his chest. We were on our way to the changing table then down for a nap, so I hadn't fought the "clean up" fight yet.

We have continued working on our house and met with the listing agent on Sunday. He was complimentary of the house and of the cleaning, sorting, updating work we've done so far. We will probably list mid-September or early October so we have more time for our "fun" weekend projects. Caleb really enjoyed playing in, on, and around the box that a new shelving unit arrived in.

There is some forward progress on the lot. The footings have been poured and the house has been formed. And in the next week - 10 days the plumbers and slab-layers should be out there. We shall see.

Here is a funny picture of Caleb from a few weeks ago at school. The teachers swear he was eating crackers but it sure looks likes he is enjoying a nice bowl of mud.

Here are two funny videos of Caleb's latest entertainment. He loves to race and will let you know by emphatically saying "Race" or "Mark" (as in "On your mark").

The other is Caleb and me singing Jesus Loves Me. However, his true colors show through when he becomes more interested in cheesin' for the camera than singing about Jesus. Ha!

That's it from here. Try to stay cool in this hot hot weather and have a good rest of the week!


grannok43 said...

So glad to hear from U guys.
Love the muddy Caleb pic and the video of the 2 of U singing.
Hope U R feeling well.

Goldsworthy Family said...

Poor Caleb! Jett had a funky rash this weekend too, but I chalked it up to the heat, hopefully that is really what it was:)

Where are you all building? Can you see the river from your lot? How relaxing!