Monday, January 8, 2007

5 Weeks

At 5 weeks, I feel like we are beginning to get a bit of a schedule down with Mr. Caleb. Schedule means something a little different than it did in the pre-Caleb days though. Things are not really associated with a time of day (as in "he eats at 5:00) but more like "he usually takes awhile to get to sleep but sleeps for a long stretch after that" means he could go down at 7:30 or 11:00 and sleep anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Maybe pattern is a better word! (Notice Lilah's nose in the picture- the dogs now vacillate between pouting and staying in bed or being totally underfoot and in the way. Yesterday's photo op was during an "underfoot" time and we could not get them to stay out of the pictures).

On Friday, Caleb and I met some friends from when I worked at ONB for lunch. The picture is of Caleb with my friend Amber's little boy, Jett. He is about 3 weeks older than Caleb but I am guessing Caleb weighs more (something we'll probably see a lot with our big ol' boy!). Both boys were very well behaved as their mommies and friends got to chat.

I also did some reading this week that said for fussy (the book's term was "high need" babies), it helps for them to be held or worn throughout the day. So Aaron and I took turns with Caleb in the Baby Bjorn or in his sling throughout the weekend. Caleb really liked being close to Daddy and passed out pretty much every time we put him in the Baby Bjorn. It provided a good excuse for Daddy to take a nap too :)

On Sunday, we went to Sunday School though Aaron and I had to take turns entertaining a rather vocal Caleb out in the hallway. We also stopped by my parents' class to show Caleb off to all of their friends. He was sleeping the whole time so he didn't really get to meet these lovely ladies who have been a big part of my life for a long time. That afternoon, I had a chance to meet up with some good friends from Riverfield and again Caleb slept through the entire meal. Maybe he likes the noise of crowds, who knows. While Caleb and I were out, Sam and Lilah found a new perch on the couch. Good to know that Boppy has multiple uses and users.

We designed our birth announcement this weekend and I don't want to ruin the surprise of the pictures we selected for that, but did want to showcase some of Betsy's great pictures. Of course, it's not hard when her subject matter is so adorable!! Once we get the announcements in the mail, I'll post a copy of it on here too but for now, you'll have to be satisfied with these.

Incidentally, I don't think you all cheered loud enough this last week for the Sooners or Chiefs- both of my teams lost :( Aaron said it was because I didn't put on my Trent Green jersey that the Chiefs went almost 3 quarters without a first down. I think it was because I forgot to get out Caleb's Chiefs pacifier. You know it's bad when the announcers say "At this point the Colts have 29 first downs and the Chiefs have 29 total offensive yards". OUCH! I think now I will cheer on the Patriots. Not too bad to watch cutie Tom Brady play football for a few more weekends!


Kimberly said...

These pictures are UNBELIEVABLE! Especially the one with the wings! He needs to be a baby model! Betsey needs to charge a fortune! Love them and can't wait for my announcement!
I appreciate how real you are about motherhood. I know without a doubt that you are a mommy pro already! I love the pic with the baby bjorn thing!
I put adalie in mine the other day to vaccum and boy even with the loud noise it soothed her right to sleep. Thank God for those! How did mothers in the "old" days manage without exersaucers, swings, baby bjorns, etc.?

Shannon said...

I love these pictures! They're beautiful. I know you'll cherish them for the rest of your life!