Monday, January 29, 2007

Eight Weeks of Fun

Well, temperatures finally warmed up a bit this week so that our ground is not covered in ice anymore. This meant Caleb and I got out and about a bit more; it was nice for it not to be sooo bitterly cold and yucky outside. (By the way, check out how big his feet are in the second picture!)

The big news of the week is that Caleb is now fitting into his 3-6 month clothes! One of our errands this week was to Target. We had noticed for the last few weeks that things were fitting a bit smaller. His pj's with feet were getting too short- he couldn't extend his legs all the way and when I had to use the "emergency outfit" in his diaper bag, they looked more like knickers than pants. So I was looking through Target's selection and found that based on his weight and length, he is now ready for 3-6 month sizes. YIKES! They just looked huge but fit him really nicely. My little boy is growing up. Caleb's Great Aunt Karen and Great Uncle Ron (bet that makes you guys feel old!!) gave him a really cute outfit for Christmas that he can wear now. It is too cute and has a little train on it, in case you can't tell from the picture since Caleb's arms are in the way.

On Tuesday, Caleb got to meet our friend Laura at Cheddar's for lunch. This was a fun time because Laura is one of my favorite friends and I could finally eat my favorite thing on their menu, the chicken caesar pasta salad (since caesar dressing is off limits when you're pregnant). I decided it is a great restaurant for us to take Caleb to because it is loud enough that you don't notice a crying baby :)

Grandpa and Grandma Walton came to visit this weekend. Although they had been keeping up with us via the blog, email, and phone calls, this was the first time they had seen him since he had been home from the hospital. They were very excited to see him and Aaron and I were very excited to have two extra set of hands to hold him for the weekend.

Also good news- we sold the Escape. It was kinda sad to see it go. I had driven it for over 5 years and it was my first new car. However, each time I walk out to the garage and see my new car, I am over losing the Escape- ha! Here's a pic of it being driven away:

On Friday, my mom, Caleb and I ventured on our first road trip (assuming you don't call driving from our house in Jenks to my parents' house in Broken Arrow a road trip). We headed to Bartlesville to see our friend Betsy, her mom, and her son Sam. We had a yummy lunch (something even my picky husband would like so of course I had to get the recipe). Betsy took a few pictures in her "studio" that turned out great, though we could not get Caleb to do a full-out grin. Then we headed to the Gap Outlet at the Bartlesville mall. Who knew B'ville had a Gap Outlet? I didn't find anything for Caleb but found quite a few "in between" clothes for me to wear to work until I get back to my pre-Caleb weight.

Friday was the nicest day of the week, so when we got back to Jenks, mom and I loaded Caleb up in the stroller, put the leashes on the dogs, and went for a quick walk. It was quite the adventure- mainly because the dogs hadn't been on a walk in who knows how long. Caleb slept through the whole thing but looked too cute in his little hat.

Tonight is Miss America on CMT at 7pm CST. Everyone should tune in. Miss OK, Lauren Nelson, has been doing wonderfully (I know this from the text messages I get at all hours from the pageant in Las Vegas). She won swimsuit competition on her prelim night. It was Oklahoma's first ever swimsuit winner at Miss America. She really does stand a great chance to win the whole thing (which would be two years in a row for Miss OK). If not, then we are fortunate to have her back in our state for the rest of her reign. Here's a great picture of her:

This Friday morning are Caleb's first round of immunizations. Look for an interesting post after that! And...I go back to work part time next Monday. I am dreading it but also looking forward to having adult interaction. Caleb had a trial run at Miss Amy's house last week while I took an afternoon to run errands. It went great and her three girls will be big helpers. Have a great week everyone!