Sunday, January 14, 2007

Six Weeks

We spent Caleb's six week birthday today the same way we spent Friday evening and all day Saturday- by staying in because it was sleeting. Seriously, we opened our front door and had a drift of sleet (who knew sleet could drift?!?) about 2 feet high. Literally, Caleb and I have not left the house since Thursday afternoon. Aaron got out this evening to go retrieve pizza for dinner. Before you think I am a bad wife for having Aaron risk life and limb for food, I will say that I have cooked every meal this weekend, including breakfasts so there! It was actually a nice weekend because it was stacking up to be pretty hectic before the storm came in. We just enjoyed getting some things done around the house and watching football and movies. Even church was canceled, which never happens. It was a bummer though because my Aunt Debbie was supposed to fly in from Kansas City to see us and meet Caleb but the weather canceled those plans. She is going to reschedule for sometime in February so we'll just have to be patient.

Caleb had a much better week this week with only a few really angry/fussy periods. One of those was in the Walmart parking lot because it was windy and I was trying to load the groceries and keep one foot on the cart so my son didn't roll away. My friend Brooke and I decided I must have given anyone watching the security footage a good laugh. There was no free hand or foot to help keep the blanket over him so he was getting the brunt of 30 mile an hour winds and rapidly dropping temperatures. It brings up an interesting point- do you put the baby in the car then return your cart or vice versa? I am too concerned about leaving him in the car even just for a second while I run the cart back so he has to sit outside with me while I load the car and return the cart.

Over the course of the week Caleb has begun to smile. Well, I should say he's begun to smile in response to things. He's always grinned at random times or in his sleep but this week I was talking to him in a sing-song voice and he just smiled right back at me. So of course we had to practice so that he could do it when Dad got home. At first, we would have to talk all silly to him for over a minute for him to respond but now he will respond right away. The challenge then became getting it on film. Here's the best one we could get (one out of around 40 pictures, seriously). He even sometimes does a laugh along with it. He's getting so grown up!

When I was pregnant, my mom picked up a really cute one piece snowsuit for the baby. I was trying to figure out when he would use it and then came this weekend's ice storm. And of course we had to document Caleb's first snow storm (or sleet storm, whatever). Although there was still snow on the ground when he was born last month, this was the first time it actually fell since he's been here. The trick was how to get a picture without him or us freezing or busting our booties. It took a little work and ingenuity but I think it is an adorable picture.

Friday was our 5 year anniversary. It is crazy to me to think that it's been that long. As my mom pointed out, we were very fortunate to have the unseasonably warm weather from that weekend (mid 50s) and not this weekend's weather. We still don't have an edited wedding video to watch (Aaron wants to do it himself and has never had the time) but I did look through our wedding album. We were planning to go out on Saturday night while my parents watched Caleb but obviously the sleet interrupted those plans. I know Aaron reads this after I post, so I want to let him know (and anyone else who reads this) how thankful I am to have him as a hubby. What wonderful, Godly leader of our family - and what a hunk!

Tomorrow is the send-off party for Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson. She will model her wardrobe and hopefully perform the song that she'll sing later this month at Miss America. I am so excited to see her and wish her well. She was our Miss Teen OK two years ago so we have a special connection with her. I know it's really rare for a state to have back-to-back Miss Americas but if anyone can do it, Lauren can. By the way , make sure to tune into CMT on Monday, January 29th to watch Miss America. And if you want to try to win $1,000,000 you can go to and pick who you think will make Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 and who will win. Can't hurt to take a guess!


Betsy said...

I love the smile- it is so fun when they start responding to you with something other than tears or screams because their belly hurts. Happy Anniversary!

I don't think I'll make Lauren's send-off. My Happy Honda does not fair well on the ice and we are stuck in it here in B'ville.

Sarah (Hoot) Brown said...

Em- he looks just like you when he smiles! Oh how your little man has grown over the last few weeks. Believe it or not, but Mark and I have an appointment to see our "little one" for the first time on Friday. I will be 8 wks this Wed., so hopefully we will get to hear the heart beating. Please keep the pictures coming- they are just too fabulous. And you're right, it doesn't seem like five years ago that you and Aaron were married. Are we (or should I say- am I )really that old? much love and blessings to you. ~always, sarah~

Kimberly said...

I laughed out loud at the picture of him all bundled up in the snow! Yes, it had to be documented and the way you did it was genious! I'll have to remember that should we ever miraculously get anything white down this way!
I LOVE his sweet smile! That is the best feeling in the world!

Ethel said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, Em & Aaron. Five years have passed so quickly. GOD Bless your precious little family!

Heather said...

He has gotten SO BIG! I am so sad we haven't met Caleb yet!!!!

We'll call soon!

Erin said...

Hey Emily~

It's Erin...formally your Wolf Creek neighbor back in B.A. I saw the link to your blog on Kim's blog, so I thought I'd check out your site. Caleb is precious!! I've gone back and read all of your posts, and I loved reading about all of your "new mommy" experiences. I look forward to seeing more cute pics of your new little man. Congratulations!!