Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week 7 and there's still white stuff on the ground

Well, the ice and snow were fun at first but cabin fever has set in. The good news is that the 4-6 inches of snow that were predicted for last night did not come. This means that Caleb and I may actually be able to leave the house this week!! Because we were stuck inside this week, not too many exciting things to report but lots of cute pictures to post. He just continues to grow and learn every day. He loves to look up at the ceiling fan in the living room when I hold him. The smiling is happening more and more often, which just warms your heart. He's kinda starting to laugh too. In the penguin outfit, he's doing his He-Man impression.

This one is not the most flattering picture of our son but I really like the shirt, especially appropriate with all the precipitation outside. Notice the double chin (taking after his mom, what can I say!).

Caleb met another friend this week as our former neighbor, Kristin, came back to Tulsa for work. She came over for dinner (thanks for the Ted's!!) and brought Caleb a fun new hat and scarf. The hat is for 3-6 months but it fits perfectly. Too cute in his hat and diaper.

A few weeks ago I complained about close up pictures not being clear on our camera. Well, Aaron investigated and found a "close up" setting that works wonderfully. It holds the shutter open longer to get a clear, tight shot. However, it means the subject has to remain completely still- a bit of a challenge for our seven week old. After several tries, we were successful with this one today:


KohensMomma said...

He's adorable!! I love your weekly pictures of him and will most likely have to steal that idea. :)

Brook and Jerry said...

We are so very happy for you and that wonderful Caleb. What joys you all have ahead of you. How are the puppies holding up. I know they will treat Caleb with the greatest repect and love. After all how could they resist.

Love You both,
Brook and Jerry H.

Kimberly said...

He is so happy and sweet~! What color is that hair? Looks sorta blonde?