Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cereal Cereal Everywhere!

We have really gotten into the cereal thing this week. Caleb wasn't really enjoying or understanding the whole concept of eating. But as my mom said, he comes from a long line of eaters so he'd get it soon enough. I decided to thicken it up a bit to see if the texture was more to his liking, even though the box of cereal and our pediatrician's notes said to try it runny for the first few times. Well, that did the trick. Now, it takes him a spoonful or two to get the hang of eating but then you can't get it in his mouth fast enough, as seen in the video below.

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Here's some still shots of how he ends up looking after a nice big bowl of cereal. It's amazing how you think he's all cleaned up and you still end up with cereal on your shirt or his clothes or other interesting places. Note: that is cereal in his nose in the second picture, not a booger. I am that mom that tries her best to keep all boogers out of his eyes and nose at all times, even if it makes him fussy.

This week has been rather interesting as Caleb has not adjusted fabulously to being home. Our babysitter mentioned that she was having a hard time getting him to sleep anywhere but in her lap. When I stopped to think about it, naps were taken in the carseat or in someone's arms the whole time we were on our trip last week. This again proves Aaron's theory that Caleb is a PTP- primetime player. His teeth continue to be a nuisance to him and to us but they don't really look any closer to coming in than they did a week ago.

I think I mentioned that Caleb received lots of fun clothes at the Boise City shower last week. He had a chance to wear several new outfits this week, including this one. As I have said before, I am not a big supporter of the cutesy logo clothes but this Pooh outfit is not too bad. The visor only stayed on briefly- it was cutting off his circulation within a matter of minutes :)

We read to Caleb every day. He really likes it and has recently taken an interest in "helping" turn the pages. And, as with everything else he gets his hands on, if he can grasp it, it's going in his mouth. I read an article about encouraging literacy that said to let babies chew, throw, etc. books so that they become familiar with them and associate positive feelings with them (as opposed to negative feelings if they are reprimanded for treating books badly or not listening). This is especially fun with the bathtime books we have; Caleb will chew and chew on them. Here's a picture of Caleb and Aaron reading. Aaron is obviously doing a great job with voice and inflection- notice that Caleb is way more interested in watching Aaron than the pages.

Tummy time is becoming more and more productive. He still doesn't care to be on his tummy all that long but he is spending more time upright and almost gets himself in a position to flip over to his back if he realized he could.

We have started leaving out the blanket and toys for tummy time so that we'd be more likely to set him down for awhile and try it. The purpose of the blanket is to keep Caleb from inhaling quite so much dog hair and therefore the dogs are not supposed to get on the blanket. You can see how well they obey:

Congrats to our friends, the Stauffers, on the arrival of their second daughter, Preslee Raye, on Thursday. Her hubby is a wonderful photographer and caught some great pics.

This week is fairly busy and Friday is the ladies' retreat for our Sunday School class. It will be my first night away from Caleb (if I can go through with it) but it is in town so if Aaron needed me...or I needed them...I could get home quickly. Maybe this is an easier step, for just one of us to be away for a night, rather than jumping right in to both of us being gone. We shall see :)
Have a great week!


Kimberly said...

My mom is in love with your blog and reminded me that you have a new post! I love the video of him eating cereal! Are you sure you aren't starving him? He looks so hungry! haha! just tease'n! I love the first pic best-he looks like a little man! So cute!