Sunday, April 29, 2007

Teeth + High Chairs = Week 21

I usually try to put the pictures and stories in chronological order but I am leading with the most important first this week....CALEB HAS HIS FIRST TOOTH!!! (finally!)

For most of the week, you could feel the sharpness of it under the gum but it just wouldn't come through. I know I've blogged for like a month now about how drooly he has been but that was nothing compared to the waterworks this week. He's always let us dig around his mouth but as soon as it came in, he keeps sticking out his tongue and won't let us get a great peek at it. So, we had to resort to desperate measures involving four hands, a camera, and several squeeky toys. It's his bottom right, a little hard to see but it's there and the left one is not far behind.

OK, back to chronological: Earlier this week I was putting Caleb to bed on his side as usual and walked away from the crib to put a few things away in his closet. I could hear him stirring, trying to get comfortable, I assumed. A short while later he started grunting and getting fussy so I looked over the edge of the crib and he had rolled himself over. He is getting so good and very fast at rolling over to his tummy but still hates it when he gets there. Of course, in the name of sharing the experience with Aaron and the blogging community, I let Caleb fuss a bit more while I grabbed the camera.

My evenings this week were pretty busy so Aaron got to feed Caleb several times. On Friday, he became concerned at Caleb's strength and mobility in the Bebe Pod while on the kitchen table eating. It really wouldn't take much for Caleb to dump himself over. So, out came the highchair. When we were registering, we debated about whether or not to get a rolling highchair. So glad we went with the rolling one. If I want to set Caleb in it with some toys while I fix dinner, I just roll him over to the center of the kitchen so he can see what's going on. If I want to push it out of the way while it's not in use, no problem. Here's a photo of Caleb the first time we put him in it. Nonplussed, as you can tell. Somehow these big milestones don't phase him like they phase us!

I wrote last week about our Covenant girls retreat on Friday and Saturday. We had a great turnout and Friday night was awesome. Shirley Staires was our facilitator; I hadn't seen her since I was a camper at Shepherd's Fold. With his teeth and stuffy nose from allergies, Caleb hadn't been sleeping well so I left after the Friday night session. Good thing too, because Caleb was up 3 different times after I got home. Makes a mommy feel needed :) Thanks to Alissa and Nicole for organizing this for us. What a great experience!

Saturday we accomplished quite a bit around the house and, as you might expect, watched the NFL draft (go A.D., even if you are a Viking now!). There are rumors swirling that Trent Green will go to Miami, which will make me very very sad. I thought for awhile we might get Brady Quinn but the Browns worked a trade to jump in front of us. I am going to stop now before I fill this whole blog up with my opinions on the draft and how the Chiefs didn't do such a fab job. Caleb has no choice but to be a football fan. Here's a picture of him with his first football. He uses his feet as a second set of hands a lot.

Saturday night wet met our friends Todd and Kimberly out for dinner at Arizona. Their son Owen is about 10 months old and it was funny to watch him and Caleb check each other out and try to communicate. Kimberly and I both meant to bring our cameras but didn't. We'll try to get a photo of the two of them together soon.

Part of a shower gift in Boise City was a package of tube socks. I've never worn tube socks but apparently they are literally just that...a tube. There is no heel and not much elastic. Hmmm. Caleb's little tootsies were cold one morning so I stuck a pair of tube socks on him. They looked hilarious for the .5 seconds they stayed on.

I thought it was going to be a short blog this week and I've already rambled on too much so I am calling it quits. Crazy busy week with lots of end-of-year activities through Riverfield and, of course, pageant stuff is ramping up. If you want to check out this year's Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen contestants, you can go to Our handsome and intelligent webmaster does a great job putting out site together (it's Aaron, FYI).

Oh, and next Saturday afternoon I am hosting a CABi clothing party at my house. If you want to come, let me know. You can look at this season's clothes at

OK, really going now...have a great week!