Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter and Big News!

The big news is that...CALEB ROLLED OVER!! If you've followed my blog lately, you know I've been worried that he was going to be behind for the rest of his life if he didn't roll over by 4 months (an exaggeration, I know). Well, he didn't make it by 4 months but did by 4 months and 2 days! Caleb was on a blanket playing with some toys and I was sitting on the floor sorting through the clothes he has outgrown. He had been pulling his legs up and rolling over to the side, but that's nothing new. Then out of nowhere, I look over and he's on his tummy. So I flipped him back over to his back and made a huge deal, with lots of hugs and kisses. He had a huge grin on his face like, "Look what I did!". Then I run to get the camera so I can video the 2nd time he rolls over. Of course, I shoot like 30 minutes of footage of him not rolling over, only to turn off the camera and have him roll over again. Typical! He's rolled over several times since then but we never did get it on camera so here's some video of some of his noble attempts to roll over. And, yes, you do just want to grunt and groan on his behalf to get him just a little further.

We went up to the church this week to take some pictures in Caleb's Easter outfit in this giant basket made of balloons. It was too cute because he was little enough to sit in his chair actually in the basket whereas the older kids had to just stand outside it. Mom was a big help in keeping Caleb's attention with all the balloon "grass" squeaking around him.

Another first this week was trying cereal. Who knew that it was such work to teach babies how to eat?!? Caleb wasn't really interested in it; he didn't really spit it back out but just keep his mouth open so it drained right back out. We tried a few times this week and he was improving. The pediatrician said it's not really for nutritional purposes at this point and that anywhere between 4 and 6 months is fine to get into a regular habit of eating. We did video it but the way the sun was coming in the blinds made it really hard to see. Maybe we'll get some better footage this week.

Aaron was able to get a photo op of Caleb and me at the piano this weekend. Now that he is reaching for things, he likes to hold onto my hand as we learn about "high sounds, middle sounds, and low sounds". He's still not sure about playing the keys himself, though I am sure that day will come and we'll never have peace and quiet!

It is fun to watch Caleb getting stronger each week. Now you can prop him up against something and he'll pretty much stay up on his own. We put this waterfall 'soother' thing (I use soother in quotes because it really serves to wake him up and make him squeal more than sooth him, so we only use it as an attention grabber while we load up the diaper bag or run to the restroom) in his crib about a month ago. I was letting Caleb watch it and he was totally entranced. Here's the video:

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Other firsts: first trip (albeit around the house) in the big boy green stroller. He really wasn't sure about it until it started moving. You can see by the look on his face that apparently it is no big deal to him that he can now fit in this stroller.

We had a great Easter weekend. My Aunt Debbie, Aunt Elyse, and Uncle John all came in town. We had dinner at our house on Friday night, then breakfast at First Watch Saturday morning, and church then Easter dinner at my parents' house today. Actually, Aaron and I just made it to Sunday School because, as we were heading out the door for early church and changing Caleb's diaper one last time, he had a blowout all up his back. Aaron got a hand full of poop- lucky him :) I was glad that I had purchased a backup Easter outfit at Walmart the other day as we quickly changed Caleb into it then realized we would be at least 35 minutes late to church and it just wasn't worth it. So we made it to our class at 9:15 then headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch. I was sad to miss the Hallelujah chorus but can watch it online at this link. Here are some pics of Caleb and his Easter basket at home and his bag of goodies at my parents' house. The last one is of Caleb and Aunt Mo taking a nap on the couch. They slept there for quite awhile.

It was great to see our extended family, and of course they just ate Caleb up. We'll be getting to see quite a bit of Aaron's extended family this week as we leave Wednesday for a trip through West Texas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. We've kinda broken up the trip so that no day has more than 5 or so hours of traveling but it will still be interesting I'm sure. I bet my blog will be full of funny car stories next week.

OK, I know you are tired of looking at this forever-long post but here's one more video clip. Caleb is becoming more and more verbal. It's as if he really is saying something to you and he gets more and more insistent that you listen and respond. It's hilarious. Have a good week!

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Joan said...

Okay, a word of encouragement...Caleb's father was a slow starter, too; slow to turn over, crawl, walk, TALK....however, look how well he turned out, and what wonderful choices he made....

Anonymous said...

ok i have a LOT of catching up to do on this blog! i have to go to work now so i don't have time to read all that i'v emissed... but I LOVE the video of him in the crib watching that fish thing! he was totally zoned out on it- i love it.
Love GL