Monday, April 2, 2007

Week 17

So Caleb's latest entertainment is to watch the ceiling fans. He's always been interested in the lights on them but now that the weather is warmer and the fans are on a lot more, he is totally transfixed by them, as shown in the picture below. It might take awhile for him to look up and realize he's in a room with a fan, but once he finds it you better not block his view of it!

We bought several new wardrobe pieces this week, including footless PJs. (By the way, is it just Caleb or do babies sweat like crazy?!?) My favorite new addition are his cool sunglasses. He actually wears them without fussing, probably because he is yet to realize he could reach up and grab them off his face. Here's a shot from us after we had come back in from a walk. He was passed out and looked too cute in his new shades.

He is also beginning to exercise his vocal range and volume. He frequently makes noises that, if you weren't watching him smile, sound like he is getting fussy. Sometimes it's out of nowhere but it is often in response to something he enjoys like his play gym. I couldn't help but get out the video camera for this one.

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The drooling and mouthing continues but no teeth yet. He has, however, transitioned from sucking on things to actually gumming at them. It doesn't matter if it's a burp cloth, toy, pacifier, finger (his or ours), or bottle, it is going in his mouth. I found a couple of biting toys we received as gifts so I washed them up this weekend and let him go to town.

Now that baths are part of his nightly routine, we were running out of clean towels between loads of laundry. I had been holding a few of the bigger ones back, waiting for them to be 'new' when he got to be that size, but I went ahead and broke them out this week. There are three from Pottery Barn Kids that are too cute. Below is Caleb in his new froggy towel. (I really did try to get a picture without his hands in his mouth but if you pull one out, he brings the other one right in- pretty funny but hard to get a non-hand-in-mouth photo).

Because we've started the teething process, he is fussier than usual as of late. One way I have found to combat this is to put my hands or fingers up against his mouth as he's crying, causing him to make the "Indian" noise (no ethic stereotyping intended). Aaron took it a step further last night as Caleb learned to make the noise when hands are put to is mouth but stop when the hands stop. It's pretty darn funny.

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Let's see...what else?? Caleb got to meet his Aunt Carol (actually his Great Aunt- it's Aaron's aunt) on Saturday. She brought him a really beautiful cross necklace. She also brought over a copy of the Tulsa People magazine's BabyGuide, with Caleb's 3rd cousin, Savannah, on the front cover. She is almost a year old and is a doll. We also went to eat breakfast with our Sunday School class at First Watch on Saturday morning. Not only is our class growing as we add new couples but it seems almost everyone has had a baby recently or is pregnant. We had 8 highchairs and one sling (for Caleb). For quite awhile, our class wasn't really growing but we are now adding members almost weekly. Go Covenant Community!!
That's it for now- have a great week!