Monday, May 28, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

So how is Caleb supposed to enjoy his new pool (and how I am supposed to get tan) if it is rainy and cloudy all the time?!? It's also cramping our fun walk-around-the-neighborhood times. Oh well.

In preparation for more pool time throughout the summer, I picked up a cute hat to keep Caleb safe from the sun's rays. We practiced wearing it, even though there were no rays to be had this week. It's pretty fun, is reversible, and is made of that easy-dry material. He had fun posing in it, as you can see.

We have continued the food thing with green beans, carrots, and peas in his repertoire now. "Aunt" Heidi also gave Caleb a tiny bite of a Club cracker the other day which he loved! Now he seriously gives you the vulture eye any time you're eating something and not sharing. He has his shots this week so I am going to ask when we can start giving him Cheerios and other fun crunchy things. Along with food, we've been working on learning to drink. He actually does a little better with me holding a cup with no lid because I control how much he gets in his mouth. The sippy cup is fun and entertaining but not so much helping in learning to drink. Though it doesn't leak, he just bites on the end of it letting water pour from cup to mouth to shirt.

Caleb is really learning to turn on the cheese for the camera. When we started this weekly picture thing, it was sometimes a challenge to find a smiley picture. Now it's hard to narrow down one picture from all the great grins he's giving.

On Saturday, Megan and Damaris came over to work on some pageant prep stuff before Miss Oklahoma. At one point we were outside listening to the Miss OK opening number song and watching them work on the choreography they'd learned so far. Caleb was very entertained. Both girls are so wonderful - I am excited to see them on stage at Miss OK and am proud of them, regardless of the end results of pageant week. Caleb wanted to get a photo with these beauty queens, though both Megan and Damaris admit it wasn't their finest photo op.

We went to a graduation party for Jonathan on Saturday as well. Nothing makes you feel as old as seeing a kid you grew up babysitting graduate! Now he's at least six inches taller than me and heading to OU in the fall. Caleb got to meet some new people and see several he hadn't been around in awhile, including my OB who is a mutual friend. Everyone was impressed with how big he had become and how alert and friendly he was. It was a fun time. Congrats, Jon Jon!

We grilled out at my parents' house last night then just hung around working on pageant stuff today. Aaron and Caleb are currently napping on our bed. Caleb has never been a great napper but for the last week or so he's been getting over-tired then still only sleeping about 30 minutes so he doesn't really get caught up. I think he must be hitting a growth spurt too because he's woken up hungry several times the last few nights and has been generally fussier than usual. Looks like we'll be stocking up on those 9-12 month clothes now.

Interesting week this week with our regular babysitter out of town. Tomorrow Damaris will watch Caleb while I work 1/2 day then Mom will have him all day on Friday. Then pageant week starts next Sunday. There are still many little things to wrap up so if you are bored and want to help, let me know and I am sure I can find envelopes for you to stuff, scripts to put into binders, etc.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I think I got the link to your blog from Mandy at some point and have been reading it ever since. So cute!! Anyway, random thing....Jason's uncle's girlfriend is Susan Hickman. We were chatting yesterday about her kids at school and I all of a sudden asked her if she taught at the same school were you work. I guess I just remembered the name from your mentions here on the blog. Small world, huh??

Anonymous said...

Uggh....that was from me. Forgot to sign it. :-)

Kendy Cox