Monday, May 21, 2007

Week 24- Better Late Than Never

The evening got away from us last night so I didn't get a chance to post a blog of the week. In fact, we realized after we put Caleb to bed that we hadn't taken the Week 24 picture - hence the one above from Aaron sneaking into the nursery to take it. Aaron always photoshops the pictures to get rid of red eyes, etc. and he was in bed by the time I was ready to blog. So, here we are on Monday night.

One thing I've been meaning to put on here is Caleb's love of chewing and sucking on his toes. It started a few weeks ago but those pictures didn't get downloaded that week and I kept forgetting to go back and get them. So here's a funny one of him right after his bath. At least I know those toes are clean :)

He is also becoming more and more fascinated with the dogs. When he's in his Exersaucer, he's right on their level and just watches them go back and forth across the room. Now he's reaching out to touch them whenever he can. Most times he's pretty harmless, like the photo below. But there have been a few times when he's grabbed an ear or tail or has been touching them with his toes and starts pushing them off the couch or bed with his feet.

There's continued development in sitting up on his own. He's getting more and more confident and strong but still doesn't grasp the whole "can't fling yourself backward without falling" thing. I think it's because when he's in his Exersaucer or bouncy seat and rocks back, nothing bad happens. Thankfully, he's yet to learn this lesson the hard way because he's always propped up with the Boppy or with us. I am hoping he's sitting independently by the time we take 6 month pics, which is just a few weeks away.

The biggest news this week is the new addition to our backyard- a pool. I picked it up at Walmart last week, making sure to get one that is big enough to put an adult size raft in it so I don't look so pasty and pale all summer long. So we wait patiently until Aaron mows the yard on Saturday and gets it all set up. I slather the sunscreen on him, put on his adorable trunks (by the way, are you supposed to keep a diaper on in the pool or can he go without?), and head outside. I take one step in and it is FREEZING. I knew it was going to be a disaster but I couldn't help but forge ahead. After all, I blew up his cute little floatie boat and Aaron had the camera out and everything. Well, as soon as his feet touched the freezing "straight from the hose" water, he started screaming. I was just sure that once he got in, he'd be fine. Or not... he was so straight-legged that we couldn't get him in the float and by then my teeth were chattering so we gave up and sat in the sun on the porch to warm up. We'll try again as the outside temp and water temp warm. Here are a few photos from the attempt though. The one in the bath is actually from a few days before when we were doing a trial run.

Other stuff: wrapped up another busy week with the end of the school year and Riverfield's first-ever high school graduation; I took advantage of the massage my in-laws gave for my birthday on Saturday (it was great!!); we went to dinner with our small group from Covenant last night at Red Rock Canyon Grill (yum!!); pageant week is coming up quickly June 4-9 (yikes!). Guess that's about it. Have a great week!


Carrie Sowell said...

CUTE!!! He's growing so fast. My parents built a pool last summer and we put McKinley in it this past week. She LOVES it! You asked about the diaper thing. I used to use little swimmers, but they get big just like diapers do. At Miller Swim School, you can buy these little things that look like "underwear" They can pea all they want in it, b/c they're going to do it anyway, but it catches the poop! We've had one incident, and we just dumped it in the toilet, rinsed it out and put them back on, and you can wash them too! Might give them a try since you'll be swimming alot!
Dogs are almost a form of cheap entertainment huh!

Heather said...

Ahh I love the toe sucking pic and his last pic with his fisherman hat on!!! He is just adorable. I bet he will love the pool with that floatie you have for him too! We always use Little Swimmers and have alot of luck with them...real diapers swell up really big and are nasty but these don't for us! Give them a try!

Lisa said...

Sitting up is so wonderful! It makes grocery shopping almost seem easy again. Caleb is just adorable. I especially love the picture of him sitting up with the boppy. Thanks for sharing.