Thursday, May 31, 2007

6 Month Check Up

Even though Caleb won't be 6 months until Sunday, today was his 6 mo. check up with the pediatrician.

You'll be interested to know that Caleb has fallen to the 91st percentile in weight- only 20 pounds 4 ounces. He is still in the 97th for his height (29 in.) and head circumference (47 cm.). As you can tell from the picture, he had a great time at the appointment- just cheesing all over the place. The doctor was pleased with his development and said we could start some mushy adult foods in addition to baby food, so bring on the yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, and pudding! There were fewer shots this time and I think he was more angry about having to lay down on the table than the shots themselves.

It occurred to me tonight as I was rocking Caleb to sleep that it was at my sister's 6 month check up that her pediatrician felt something odd in her tummy and that, within days, she was diagnosed with liver cancer. Because I was so young then, I really don't recall much of the ordeal. As I grew up I understood more about the situation, but it hasn't been until now, when my own little (or not so little) one is six months old, that I really grasp what my parents must have gone through. YIKES! So to Mom and Dad- you're pretty amazing, to Mo- we're glad you're here, and to God- thanks for the miracle.

Ok, changing to a more light-hearted subject: I am sure Caleb will be mortified one day when he learns that I put this on the blog but he has had some serious constipation the last week or so. Bad enough that he has woken himself up in the night trying to "get things going". The doctor said it could be a side effect of the Zyrtec that he's on for his allergies and to try mixing his cereal with prune juice or to try not taking the Zyrtec since the worst of allergy season is over. I had picked up some baby food prunes the other day and gave them to him when we got home from his appointment. Let's just say they did the trick over the course of the afternoon. Ha!

Well, that's all for now. Today was the first day in quite awhile that we didn't have any rain but it is expected to return tomorrow and keep comin' for the next week. Lovely.

I am working all day tomorrow, then spending the weekend trying to get the house clean and the next week planned. Wish me luck!!


KohensMomma said...

Congrats on the great check up! He's getting SO big and is still as cute as can be! :)

Ashley said...

He has such a great smile! I can't believe he weighs 20 lbs. He looks so much smaller in the pictures. My 13 month old weighs 18lbs...and looks so much bigger than Caleb! He really is such a handsome little guy.

Lisa said...

You made me cry again! Those were dark days when Morgan was so ill, but they would have been a lot darker if your parents hadn't done such a great job of keeping your life as normal as possible. They also kept things pretty even for Morgan. Doesn't your whole prospective change when you have babies of your own? I love this picture - he looks so joyful and secure.