Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 23- Happy Mother's Day to me and my fellow bloggers

OK, I just wrote a lovely week-in-review post and somehow it got deleted. GRRRRR!! So here's the short version:

We had a good Mother's Day with church, a 2 hour all-family nap (dogs included), and dinner with my family at P.F. Chang's tonight. Aaron was on poopie diaper duty all day too :)

We went to Broken Arrow's Rooster Days Festival yesterday. It was the first time Caleb sat in the stroller like a big boy, without being in the carrier in the stroller. He looked adorable and had a good time though it was a little toasty.

I thought Caleb would be done drooling now that his teeth are in. Apparently not, as shown in the photo below.

A few exciting new things this week:
1) Caleb is sitting up semi-assisted. He can catch himself if he falls forward but would fall back if he weren't sitting with us or wedged in the Boppy.

2) We introduced the first jar of baby food this week- green beans. He loved it. The books say to introduce one food at a time to make sure there's no allergic reaction so we'll stick with green beans this week then move on to carrots and squash.

3) We brushed Caleb's teeth for the first time. Our dentist, Dr. Hughes, gave us an infant toothbrush as part of our baby gift so I busted it out this week. Apparently fluoride toothpaste is bad for babies (who knew?) so I bought some special training toothpaste. Caleb was not at all sure about his first toothbrushing experience but it went much better tonight. (Disclaimer: We do not let him handle the toothbrush by himself; this was purely for photographic purposes.)

We had some fun taking photos in the yard tonight. We have a severe lack of "Mom and Caleb" photos so I asked Aaron to take some when we got home from dinner (it was my day, at least for a few more hours). Here are two that I really liked:

Other good news is that George and Ethel White are moving back to B.A. from Canada as we speak. Ethel was one of my "other mothers" growing up and one my mom's best buds. It will be great to have them back in town and fun for Caleb to grow up knowing them.

I can't really remember what else I wrote about earlier so that's the cliff's notes version. Oh, and a very Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!


Amber Goldsworthy said...

Looks like you had lots of fun on your very first Mothers Day.
I am going to take a stab at this blog thing. It may take me a month to figure it out, but I will send it to you first to see what you think! We still need to get together. Jett and I will be out of town for work this week, so maybe next week.
Amber Goldsworthy

Heather said...

Ah that pic of you guys is too cute! I am sorry we didn't make it to Rooster Days until later...WAY 5!! I ran all over this stinkin' town looking for specific Pandora charms...with no luck. Go figure...guess thats what I get for waiting till last minute!! What did Caleb think of Rooster Days? He looks cute in his stroller...big man! Keep takin' those pics of Mr Caleb with his foods :) Those are the fun pics!!!

Ethel said...

We are here! The furniture arrive on Thurs. 17th Will be in touch.

Carrie Sowell said...

He's adorable! Hope you had a GREAT Mother's day! They get better and better. Looks like your little man is getting quite a personality! Let the fun begin......

Heather Henshall said...

adorable pics! You look great and so happy!