Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Very Delayed Week 34 Update

OK, so here's Week 34's recap. The big event was our trip to Asheville. Caleb gets the "Super Baby" award for his airport and plane behavior. He really enjoyed the rides- playing peekaboo with the people sitting behind or in front of our seats, charming the flight attendants, and occasionally yelling out in excitement.

We had no trouble getting on the flights to DFW or Charlotte then drove 2 hours to Asheville. Aunt Elyse and Uncle John's house is beautifully decorated and a very fun floor plan with eating/living/dining areas and some bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms, a full bath, and living area downstairs. There were 23, of us, including 3 babies, and it was a great time. About 1/2 stayed at their house and the other half was at a rent house a few minutes away. And, just like at home, Caleb was able to enjoy his Praise Baby videos.

We definitely enjoyed our trip to the Biltmore. It is the largest privately owned residence in the US, built by the Vanderbilts in the 1890s. Visit their website for more info. Aunt Elyse treated us to the audio headsets as we toured, which made the experience much more interesting. And again, Caleb was a very well behaved baby, not counting the blowout diaper and the quick, hidden changing out on the veranda since the mansion's bathrooms were not open to the public. HA! Here's a photo of part of the estate's gardens. Caleb was more interested in chewing on his toy, but you get the idea.

There was also a big music festival going on in Asheville called Bele Chere. We only went for awhile one afternoon but it was fun to hear the music and enjoy more of the city. At the festival, we were able to spend some time with my cousin Allyson and her family. Quinn, who is 3 and lives in Mississippi, said at the end of the trip, "I love Caleb so much!" And of course it was even more adorable with his accent because he says "Caaay-lub".

We took a big group picture but not with our camera so hopefully when one of the cousins sends it out, I'll be able to post it.

The flight home was not as successful. Let's just say that my parents and sister drove home and beat us by about 4 hours. Oh well. Caleb was such a trooper. My hope is that he'll continue the streak when we head to Orlando next week!!

For more pictures, watch the slideshow in the post below (or at least click on the "view slideshow" button- not sure why it's not working).

Have a great week!