Sunday, August 19, 2007

Week 37 - Playpen, Pulling Up, Pefecting the Crawl

We had a great week but I was just exhausted after the trip to FL. I don't know if I'm getting old or if it was the time zone difference or what, but it took me until Friday to feel like I wasn't totally chasing my own tail.

Now that Caleb is standing and pulling up, we took the bassinet feature of the pack-n-play out. (To clarify, we hadn't used it for Caleb in forever- it was mainly serving as a catch-all/laundry sorter. So don't worry that he was close to rolling out or anything because he wasn't ever in it). Several times this week, he enjoyed time in the pack-n-play with his toys while I made dinner, tidied up the house, etc. He likes it for awhile but if I walk by and make eye contact but don't pick him up, he gets a little distressed. Note picture below with his funny face all smooshed into the netting.

He began pulling to standing on the side that faces out toward the living room (see picture above), then realized he could pull up on the side that faces in toward the bookshelf and pull off stacks of magazines, CDs, and movies. What fun!!

He is getting more and more proficient at crawling. He still needs an incentive- his green frog toy (his very favorite, Mrs. Ethel!), my cheering him on, his musical bench, or something similar. Otherwise, he's pretty content to stay in the same 3 foot area. See the video posted separately of his crawling adventures. This picture captures him investigating the lower level of our table. I think he was checking out the CO2 levels on our monitor.

He also had fun turning over my trashcan (at least it was empty) and banging on it with his hammer. He liked experimenting with the sounds it made when he hit it on the side vs. the bottom or with his hand vs. his hammer. What a smarty-pants!

Friday morning we had fun with at playgroup with friends from our Sunday School class. Caleb was the youngest (with the exception of Madison, who's 2 weeks old) so he didn't really interact with all the other busy boys that were into everything but it was a great time.

Tonight was Open House at Riverfield. I was there as staff member/parent but got to spend some time with Caleb, Aaron, and some of Caleb's classmates and their families. He was into everything (surprise surprise) but spent the most time investigating the basket of old computer mice (is that pluralized correctly?). Aaron says to say that Caleb is taking his first computer class- ha ha :)

School starts tomorrow so I am sure I will have pictures from that. The teachers also send a "Today We" document each day that has photos and a short write-up of the day's activities. It is sent via email and hopefully the pictures are clear enough that I can re-post some good ones.

Changing diapers is becoming more and more of a challenge because Caleb is not willing to lay quietly anymore. Tonight after his bath, he quickly flipped all the way onto his belly and scooted toward the edge, to check out the burp clothes and books in the bin, I guess. Again, before you think of calling DHS, notice I do have a firm hold on his leg and his hip. :)

Mom returns from Estonia tomorrow. The blog from her team was pretty funny this time. Check it out at this link.

Enjoy the new videos posted. The laughing one just cracks me up.

OK, need to hit the hay before another busy week. I am sure that if I am supposed to be at work at 8am, that doesn't mean pulling in at 8:00, then unloading Caleb and his gear, taking him to his class, then making it back to my desk by 8:30. So it will be an early morning until I can figure out how to shave off a few minutes here and there.
Oh, and we do have pictures from the "Blogging Gals and Kiddos" playtime from a few weeks ago. I'll work on posting those later in the week.
Have a great week!


Ethel said...

That laugh was so cute, made me laugh too. Glad he likes the green frog, kids always like the cheapest toys. See how the trash can is a favorite too. Hope the first day of school goes great.
C U guys soon ?!!!