Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 38- First Week of School

The first week of school was great!! Caleb had a fun time and I heard nothing but glowing reports from his teachers and the other "spys" (co-workers) that I would send to peek in on his class. He is teething so he spent a good part of his days chewing on anything, but thankfully no classmates :)

These pictures were of us heading out last Monday. Look how cute his outfit is! Of course, he then had a blowout diaper on the way to school that leaked all the way up his back so the outfit made it no further than the changing table in his class. Oh well. He has started throwing mini-tantrums, like if you put him down and he doesn't want to be or if you take away something he has in his hands, which he didn't really do before this week so I am thinking my perfect angel of a son has picked this up in his three days at school. So begins the life of picking up less-than-fabulous things from classmates- ha!!

When Caleb got his first haircut, the curls that had started to grow at the ends disappeared. I thought the same thing would happen after we got his hair trimmed last week (he slept through his whole haircut, by the way). However, the curls have stayed and it might even be getting curlier. It gets that way especially when he's sweaty but on Thursday, I put a little "product" in it to see what would happen. Pretty cute results, if I do say so myself. You might have to click on it to enlarge to get the full effect of the curls.

We've been battling some diaper rash this weekend. Without being too graphic, it doesn't bother him when he does his business but screams when you have to change his diaper. His poor little booty is so red so I let him crawl around for awhile sans diaper. I figured the kitchen was the safest place and easiest to clean up any messes. Thankfully, I didn't have to do any cleaning. No matter how many toys I put on the floor, Caleb was way more interested in pulling up on the baker's rack. Notice the strategically placed blur in the following shot.

My mom got home safely last Monday, though one of her bags just arrived last night. Gotta love world traveling. She was glad to spend some time with Caleb on Friday morning as I took the dogs in for their checkups. Sam has yet another ear infection and a bacterial infection on a spot on his tail. As the vet said, "He's definitely the more delicate of the two dogs." He is a good patient as we give him drops and salve.
Have a great week! I am excited to work M-W then have a 5 day weekend!! Hooray for Labor Day!


Lisa said...

Emily, this baby is absolutely adorable. I see your face in Caleb so clearly. He's too darling to have blowout diapers! If we ever get to spend any time in Tulsa we'd love to see you all.

Heather said...

Caleb has become such a lil' man lately!! I LOVE LOVE the picture in his carseat..that smile is just sooo adorable!