Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week 35- lots of "mama" (well, sort of)

So you can judge from the video posted separately whether or not Caleb is saying "mama". Similar to the "dada" thing a few weeks ago, he says it all the time, regardless of where I am but there are definitely times that I walk in the room and he says "mama", clear as day. I LOVE IT!! He's also getting really good at waving hello and bye-bye, though more with an excited flap of the arm than with his hands and fingers (but it still counts, right??)

Though Caleb is not officially crawling, he is managing to get around a room quite well. He was once content to play with some toys on a blanket while I was on the computer. Now he is trying to pull up on my chair, chewing on the dog bowls, pulling out my USB cords, or (a newly discovered fave) playing with the doorstop. He has pretty much pulled this one out of the wall already.

He has had some diaper "issues" since we've been back from NC- some days lots of #2 and some days none, but always with much grunting and groaning. This has led to a bit of diaper rash so I was letting him air out awhile after bath the other night. He really enjoyed the freedom, needless to say. And we were, thankfully, without accident.

Pulling up on things is getting more and more fun and adventurous. I took Caleb to the laundry room with me as I was moving things from the washer to the dryer and the next thing I know he has his head in the dryer. Aaron came quickly with the camera to catch the moment.

We had a blast this Thursday hanging out with the "blog girls" and their offspring- Kim and Adalie, Marilyn and Elijah, Faith and Gavin, Heather and Ellee and Preslee, and Betsy minus Sam due to illness :(. We enjoyed playtime and a GREAT lunch at Kim's parents' house in BA. Betsy got some great pictures so I am sure she will post them on her blog or distribute them and let us post them.

Today was a baby shower for a friend and former co-worker and neighbor. It was fun to catch up with the girls that I knew from my banking days. Caleb had fun interacting and playing. Here's a shot with him and Jett, who is about 2 weeks older than Caleb. Jett has his own blog too. Jett is about average for 8 month olds, which just shows me how HUGE Caleb is. Jett was trying to show Caleb how to crawl but Caleb was more interested in eating O's and chewing on Miss Mendy's toys.

This week we head to Orlando for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant. Jamie, our Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen, has been there since the 1st but Caleb and I head out Thursday morning and Aaron will join us late that night. We are so excited to see Jamie rock the house and hopefully it will be another uneventful flight for Mr. Caleb.

Also this week, my mom heads to Estonia for yet another mission trip. Here's a picture of Caleb playing with a giraffe that she brought back from Tanzania. It's his reminder to Grandma to have a safe trip and bring him (and his mom) back something fun :)

Have a great one!