Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 41 - a yucky cold and a fun new toy

What started as a little runny nose at the beginning of the week has blossomed into a full blown grody (spelling?) cold. Poor Caleb snorts, sneezes, and coughs his way through the day and has a hard time staying asleep. We did take him to the doctor on Friday to make sure it wasn't a sinus infection, since several kids in his class have had one, and he said it was just a regular old cold. Nothing really gives him any relief so we are just waiting it out and going through Kleenex like crazy. He's gotten to the point where he sees a tissue coming and buries his head in your shoulder, thereby depositing the snot that was on his nose onto your shirt. It's loads of fun :)

Despite not feeling great, he had a fun week. It started with a friend giving us some toys their family had outgrown. He is loving this new doorway thing, especially the doorbell and the light switch.

Tuesday evening was pre-school parent orientation at Riverfield. On the way out, we put Caleb in one of the prop planes displayed in the school. He wasn't sure what to think about it but did his best to smile for the pictures. What a good sport!

Caleb continues to hone his crawling and pulling up skills. What we've really noticed is that he is starting to "stride out" when he's really trying to get to something. Don't worry if you're not familiar with that terminology. I wasn't until I married Aaron who's legs are much longer than mine. We would be walking somewhere he kept getting way ahead of me. When I'd call out "wait up", he'd turn back and say "stride out" which means to lengthen the steps you take. Anywho, if Caleb spots something he wants to get to, he really stretches out to get as much distance covered as possible. And he is experimenting with the various levels found in our house, like the end table, for example.

Thursday we met our playgroup from Sunday School at Whiteside Park. It will be a really fun place to go once he can walk. It was still fun to see our friends but when I set Caleb down he really just tried to eat the mulch and couldn't care less about the toys.

Grandma and GDad (my parents) were able to spend some fun time with Caleb on Friday and last night too. Caleb discovered that the downstairs of their house is just a big circle and had fun going round and round and round. He also got to know Disnie, our 17-year-old-can't-believe-she's-still-alive cat. This interaction was done through the screen door, which is plenty close for me as an overprotective mom.

We had a blast at our Sunday School game night last night. There was a great turnout with lots of pizza, laughter, and competition. Our favorite game was Catchphrase. The girls won the first round and the boys won the second. We decided to end in a draw and move on to another game, not playing boys vs. girls.

I purchased a food mill over the weekend. Aaron has a co-worker who used it as their child grew into real food and they really liked it. So I tried it out tonight as we ate spaghetti. Here's before and after photos of the spaghetti. It's just a hand cranked mill that cost around $12 so hopefully it holds up. It could end up saving us a small fortune on baby food. Yippee!!

Our week looks to be much less eventful than has become our pace lately. Aaron and I took a great marriage class at church called Dynamic Marriage. It was 8 weeks long and very very worthwhile but included about 5 hours of homework each week. Our final class was last Wednesday and it is very nice not to have homework hanging over us. I am starting a women's study with the girls in my class, studying Joyce Meyers' Battlefield of the Mind. Have heard good things about it too.

Have a good one!


Kimberly said...

Sorry but that smashed up spaghetti looks like vomit!