Monday, March 10, 2008

Believe it or not we are finally well (knock on wood)!! Caleb enjoyed his first full day back at school today. His teachers and friends were thrilled that he was back too.

Last week was yet another adventure in juggling schedules to help Caleb get well outside of school and let me work most of Mon-Wed. A big shout-out to Grandma and Grandpa who were indispensable these last three weeks!!

Caleb was really feeling well enough last week that we had lots of fun around the house. The pic at the top of the page is of Caleb modeling his new hat. The dogs' heartworm medicine arrived in the box and, once empty, Caleb decided it was the newest fashion. He was quite proud...until he bonked into the corner of the desk because he couldn't see where he was going.

My highlight of the week was definitely this next video. Caleb loves to get in his bathroom and find the travel-size bottles of body wash and shampoo. On this particular day, he brought them with him to the changing table where he proceeded to crash them into each other. If you've ever seen Billy Madison (one of my Top 5 favorite movies), you know where this is going.

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If that was the high point of the week, the trying part was on Friday night. Aaron was working late and Caleb was in bed. After about an hour of being asleep, he woke up and started crying, something that has become a norm these past few weeks because he's woken up in a sweat due to his fevers. He had been fever-free all day and I was busy cleaning the bathroom so I decided I'd just let him cry it out. The guy has some will power because he cried it out for almost an hour before finally falling back asleep. (Aaron would have definitely caved in if he would have been here). He woke once in the middle of the night and cried for just a bit. Every night since (knock on wood again), he's either slept through or stirred just for awhile and then gone back down. Not to say that there won't be some really rough night in the future but if we'd have known it would have been this painless, we would have done this a long time ago. I will admit that while I enjoy the space in bed, I do miss snuggling with the little fella in the mornings.

On Thursday, Caleb was "helping" me tidy up the house and pulled my Bible off my nightstand. He was very intrigued by it and started flipping through the pages. When I began singing "The B-I-B-L-E" he tried to sing along, so of course I had to grab the camera:

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Caleb is still in LOVE with books. He is also growing more and more content to entertain himself as he investigates how things work. Over the weekend, he was playing with his toys in the living room and it got quiet. We snuck in to see him sitting in his little chair, reading his book. What a big boy!!

Saturday night was Riverfield's annual auction. It was a lot of fun and we raised some serious $$ for the school. For the record, I have gone by myself the last two years and not spent a dime. This year Aaron comes with and now we are the proud owners of several housewares items, a facial gift certificate, and a 7 night stay at a condo in Telluride, CO which we split with a co-worker and his wife. It's for a great cause, right?!?

The other news is that we have made an offer on a lot in Jenks. We looked at all corners of the Tulsa area but really liked where we are, so if this all pans out, we'll be building about a mile and 1/2 southeast of here. Will keep you posted for sure as things develop.

Have a great and healthy week!!


Kimberly said...

You know I love that Caleb is following in our fine footsteps of impersonating the greatest movie of all time "Billy Madison."

Heather said...

Caleb is just turning out to be one of the most handsome lil' dudes out there! :) I love that first pic with the box...give a kid a BOX and they are happy for hours!!!!!