Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is Caleb's second birthday!!!

It was a very fun day that included Aaron and me coming to his class for birthday celebration during snack time. He had his favorite pizza (or pa-peetz as he calls it) and a race car birthday cake for dinner. We had been working on telling people "two" when they ask how old he is but didn't think to go over the idea of saying "thank you" when people wished him a Happy Birthday. So they would say it and he would just look at them like "yeah, ok" and walk off.

A big present for us is that Caleb finally said his name clearly and intentionally three times in a row. He has held off on doing this forever- he knows exactly who he is but whenever you ask him his name, he just gets this ornery smile on his face and refuses to answer or says "baby". Tonight we were singing the Happy Birthday song and at the end of each line, he added "Caleb". Yippee! Of course, he'll probably not say it again until his 3rd birthday but it was a precious moment for us tonight :)

Here are three pics- one from today, one from last year, and one from our first day home from the hospital (I know it's not exactly on Dec. 3rd but all the hospital shots from his birth are super blurry for some reason).

To Caleb: we are so thankful for you! The adventures you've taken us on so far are nothing compared to where we'll go from here, I'm sure. WE LOVE YOU!!!


grannok43 said...

What a precious two year old.
Happy Birthday, sweetie pie!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Caleb. You've come a long way, baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! You are getting to be such a big boy!!

Kristi Webster

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! What a cutie! I bet y'all are excited to meet his little sister next week!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just cried reading this post. Happy Birthday Caleb, and Happy Birthday in 6 days to Harper Grace. I love you Emily! Congrats on such a beautiful, sweet family. I hope to one day experience all the amazingness you have encountered. aoe :)