Monday, September 15, 2008

Transportation Infatuation

As I was looking through the pictures and videos we took this week there was a very obvious theme: transportation. Perhaps this is a phase that every little boy goes through, but Caleb LOVES anything to do with moving vehicles. See examples below:

Late this week, we heard rumbling outside and what did we see but a semi-truck carrying a fiberglass pool parked across the street. I'm guessing it can't be installed until the rain stops and the grass dries up (it's still here and I'm thinking it's plenty dry). We had to go check it out.

Aaron is in DC until Thursday for a conference and Caleb and I took a leisurely trip to Walmart yesterday afternoon. [Side note: What does that say about my love for the outdoors when every other family was out enjoying the gorgeous weather and I load Caleb up and head to the nearest Super Center?!?] In the past I've given Aaron a hard time about buying things for Caleb when I've been out of town but I confess that I am guilty of it too. But, in all fairness, this toy is really cool and wasn't expensive :) Here's a video of Caleb playing with it. He's not quite as excited about it a day later but has moved into the "how does this work?" and "what happens if I try this?" type of play with it.

Because of all the rain last week, Caleb's school playground is a mess. And, like any almost-two-year-old boy, Caleb heads straight for the puddles. At his teacher's request we picked up some galoshes so he can splash to his hearts content without suffering from soggy socks the rest of the day. Can you guess which ones we had to get?? I am typically very non-commercial. I think cartoons or characters are fine for lunchboxes and sleeping bags and maybe an occasional set of PJs, but that's it. However, this was the only pair in his size and they will be rarely used, only seen on the playground. Plus I really wanted to avoid the meltdown in Target that I knew would come if I didn't put them in the basket so, now we are the proud owners of officially licensed Lightening McQueen galoshes. (Pay no heed to the naked booty. Caleb was suffering from a little sand rash after school so we were airing out. How sand can get under and shirt, down pants, and in such small crevices is beyond me. He must literally be rolling in the sandbox.) [Second side note: no offense to anyone who does dress their children in character-based clothing, seriously. It's just something I don't do, or at least haven't done yet. Maybe I'll get there.]

On a non-car front, here's a cute video I caught of Caleb during one of the recent rainy days. Most times these videos are performances, where we have to ask him to show off his latest tricks. It was fun to catch him unaware.

Another weekend of football. Sooners - successful, Chiefs - miserable. Caleb is really getting into the football spirit of things. We do need to work on the fact that the Sooners play on Saturdays and NFL teams play on Sundays, but we're getting there. I think this is adorable...someone get this to Bob Stoops :)

Aaron's parents came in town for a quick visit toward the end of the week. Caleb was a little wary at first but warmed up to them quickly. Hopefully we'll see them again sometime soon.

The BA 10 year reunion is fast approaching: Oct. 3-4. If you graduated with me and haven't gotten your tickets - get on the ball!! We already have a much better turnout than recent year's reunions and there are still more people buying tickets every day. Click on this link to buy your tickets. Be there or be square (I want my friends to be there after all the effort we've put in to this).

This week's doctor's appointment includes the dreaded glucose test. I didn't have any trouble passing it with Caleb so I'm hoping we're in the clear this time too. However, because I've had to drink that horrible sugar juice before, I am already dreading it. Bottoms up!

Have a great week!

PS- Slightly random but Hershey's has come out with a slew of new autumn-themed Kisses. I tasted the candy corn ones at work (not bad flavor and super cute) but went for the pumpkin spice over the caramel flavored ones at Target. I guess I was thinking it would be a little pumpkin flavor inside a normal chocolate kiss. Not so! I love pumpkin flavor but these are overly sweet, have no chocolate at all, and I kinda get the aftertaste like I just ate some scented candle wax. So if that's something you think you'd like to try out, I have an almost full bag waiting just for you. The wrappers are pretty so maybe I'll take them to work in a dish and let co-workers decide for themselves :)


bopha said...

Amen to the character clothing, our sister-in-law loves it and it's difficult to find nice ways of not accepting hand me downs. I could be turning quickly though, lincoln really loves elmo and thomas so when we are in the stores, i avoid them as much as possible.

Danielle said...

I love the picture of Caleb in his boots. He is going to hurt you all later in life for that photo, you know that, right?