Sunday, December 10, 2006

One Week Birthday

(I tried to post this Sunday night but the blogger wouldn't let me attach pictures. Sorry!)

It just so happened that we were up last night for diaper changing at 2:19 a.m. so the three of us got to celebrate Caleb's one week b-day together. I think he was a little perplexed by the singing of "Happy Birthday" to you but his parents enjoyed it! Kim has done a great job keeping track of Adalie's milestones so I am going to try to follow her lead.

We have been blessed with good nights of sleep the last two nights. Caleb had several sessions of 3+ hours of sleeping. Of course, right at 3 hours, I start waking up wondering why he hasn't yet- ha! Hopefully this trend will continue as Aaron heads back to work tomorrow. My mom is planning on staying most of the week during the daytime with Caleb and me but hopefully we can handle nights on our own and let her go home. I am not sure how I will hold up with Aaron not here 24-7 (I'll blame my hormones for the tears that have already been shed thinking about it) but am glad Mom will be here. This week our Sunday School class will also be bringing dinners, which will be a big help.

Friday was our trip to the pediatrician and our first trip out (and the first time I had to really get dressed since we've been home). The visit went really well; Caleb's weight was down to 8 pounds 1 ounce when we left the hospital on Wednesday but in two days he had already gained weight and was back up to 8 pounds 10 ounces. The doctor was really impressed and even said we could wait a bit longer until our next appointment since he was gaining weight so well. Since we were out and Caleb was cooperating, we went by Aaron's office and showed him off up there.

On Saturday, my sister came in from OKC to spend time with her nephew. We just hung out and watched movies. The extra set of hands allowed Aaron to run a few errands and me to get some household tasks accomplished- thanks Mo. Last night was our Sunday School Christmas party and we made a brief appearance there. It worked out really well as Caleb was being a sleeping angel for the whole time and woke up and started crying literally as we were walking out the front door.

Today has been a good day as well. I have allowed myself to put Caleb in the pack-n-play while he sleeps so I can get things done instead of just sitting in the recliner with him while he sleeps. Aaron is tackling things around here so he can just hang out with us when he gets home from work this week. Caleb and I watched the Chiefs get man-handled by the Ravens- so much for working toward a Wild Card spot!

One is a picture of our sad puppies hanging out in the glider. We are really trying to show them affection but they are still feeling neglected. I guess they thought that sitting in the glider meant they would get some attention eventually since that's where Caleb and I spend a good portion of our time. The other is a funny picture of Aaron burping Caleb in the hospital. He has a funny face and I couldn't resist putting it on here. By the way, have you noticed that every hospital has the same baby blankets (the white ones with the blue and pink stripes down the side)? From different Tulsa hospitals to Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs on TV, we've seen the same blankets all over the place since Caleb has come into our life.

On the non-Caleb front, we are so excited to welcome our nephew Jake into our family. Aaron's sister Julie and her family have been working to adopt Jake from Guatamala for well over a year now. They were able to travel there last week to bring him home. We have yet to meet him in person so hopefully that will happen soon.

Have a great week and wish me luck without my right-hand man here full time!!


Kimberly said...

Love the pictures-esp. the one of him being burped, too cute! Happy 1 week bday, Caleb! Can't wait to see you over xmas! I'm glad its going so great!

Narissa said...

I'm proud of you girl! You're posting and being mommy too! I love being able to see the updates and pictures! Remember Daddy will be upset too because he HAS to leave you both and go back to work so show him some sympathy also!

Kristin said...

Emily & Aaron we're so glad the nights of sleep are getting longer and we hope you are feeling better. I kept thinking I would read something about how you're recovering, but I guess Caleb is the center of the "babyWalton" blog:-) We miss you guys and will be in Tulsa in mid-late January and can't wait to see you then.