Monday, December 18, 2006

Two Weeks Already!

I know I'm a biased mom but I seriously think Caleb grows and changes every day...and gets more handsome...and intelligent...and sweet...and aware, etc. To look at how much he has developed over the last two weeks blows my mind. It makes you see the truth when people say, "The next 18 years will fly by. Enjoy it while it lasts!". Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I can't wait until he can do something (smile when he hears my voice, hug me back, cheer on the Chiefs with me) but I realize I need to treasure these moments too.

Yesterday was our first trip to church and it went really well. He made it through all of our Sunday School and all but 15 minutes of church. He actually would have been fine through both but church ran long because it was the big Christmas musical production. Of course, he started crying during my favorite song of the oratio so I missed it. After a brief "pit stop" in the church's nursing room, we even made it through a few errands on our way home.

Last night we met the Wilsons (my second family, pretty much) for our annual Christmas dinner. When we were younger, we would give presents but for the last several years have given the gift of time together (sounds very Marilene, doesn't it?!?) instead. They had visited us at the hospital but agreed that he had grown so much in the last two weeks. Josh and Mo made the effort to come in from college so all the Longs/Wilsons/Waltons were there.

One thing our pediatrician encouraged was to incorporate some tummy time into Caleb's day. He hated it for the first few times but is getting better. He just goes to town trying to lift his head and churn those little arms and legs but really doesn't get anywhere. I think that's why he doesn't care for it- he gets easily frustrated at not making progress (sound like anyone you know??). I read on the internet that you can also put the baby on your chest/tummy and have them work on lifting their head as you talk to them. Caleb seems to like that a bit better. I think it's because he can push his legs off against mine and propel himself up my torso. Here's a picture from some tummy time last week. The hilarious thing is that literally two seconds after I snapped this, he threw up all over the place. Guess you should give your child sufficient time to digest a meal before you put him on his belly- oops!
Today will be our first adventure out of the house by ourselves. Last week, we ran several errands but always with my mom staying in the car with Caleb. Aaron mounted my backseat view mirror last night so I can see him back there and today we are going to my two week check up with my doctor. If that goes well, we may venture a few short stops on the way home. Thanks to those of you that have asked how I am recovering. I really feel fine with very little pain or discomfort from the incision. It is still crazy to me that the doctors were able to get my almost 9 pound baby with a 15 inch head out of a 4 inch opening! I am going to invest in some vitamin E or some Mederma or something to make the scar as unnoticeable as possible. Because it was an emergency, it is a vertical incision so it could show more than the usual horizontal C-section scar. Hopefully I'll get more clarification from the doctor today about when I can resume activities like vacuuming since we have company coming this weekend.
Have a great week before Christmas. I still have quite a bit of shopping to do- hope you're further ahead of the game than I am!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mommy! Glad to read another post about life with Caleb. It sounds like you all are doing lovely and handling the parenting thing just fine. He is adorable, and I love you that you celebrate each week of his life like it's a birthday. I will do the same thing w/ my own one day. I need your address. I'm so dumb, when I took it with me to the place I sent Caleb's present, I must have left it there, and I guess that is the only copy I had of your address. I swear I had it on my computer from when I did wedding invites, but I can't find it. Please send it to my email ( or via myspace or text so I have it on file. Love you and post more pics. Love Temp

Kimberly said...

I can't believe its been 2 weeks!!!!!! Caleb is adorable! I am dying to meet him! I love reading your blog and I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing great! Hope to see you next week???!!!

Aunt Kenon said...

Please tell Caleb that Aunt Kenon is excited to meet him and love on him tomorrow evening!!!!!!