Thursday, December 21, 2006

A week of firsts

There have been several new experiences for Caleb and his mom since I've posted last. Like his first bottle feeding, first trip to my work, our first trip to Wal-Mart, first office Christmas party, and first pacifier encounter. All went relatively smoothly!

Tuesday morning, my mom met us in the mall parking lot and was a saint to sit in the car with Caleb while I finished up our Christmas shopping. His pediatrician would be so proud that we are following his advice to keep him relatively contained and germ-free. Plus I figure the adventure would have taken twice as long if I attempted to load him up in the stroller and take him with me. It took long enough that Caleb woke up my mom fed him his first bottle. It went well and will hopefully allow me a bit more freedom from the nursing chair though it does mean taking the time and effort to pump ahead of time.

Wednesday was a busy day. Caleb was pretty fussy all morning. I think he has a bit of a gas issue because he gets pretty agitated, screams, and turns red then goes right back to sleep. This fussiness was enough to make me go to the nursery closet and break out the...PACIFIER! I didn't think I would use it so soon and don't know that I am supposed to be giving it to him but it really seems to sooth him so we'll use it sparingly I guess. (It is a really cute paci with a stuffed dog attached to it to help him keep it in his mouth. Check them out at Until the success with the pacifier, I had contemplated not stopping by Riverfield for a co-worker's going away party. All the way into the school parking lot he cried but quieted down as I got him out of the car and was wonderful the whole time we were there. Feeling lucky after that, I decided to take my chances with a much needed trip to Wal-Mart. He slept all the way through the adventure, plus it was just a Neighborhood Market so I'm not sure it it really counts. I had been trying to find a time to make the trip for over a week so it was a long list but I was a "power shopper" and got in and out in record time. And (thankfully) no strangers tried to come up and touch him. Last night was Aaron's office Christmas party. The invitation said "no children" but we decided that didn't apply to 2 1/2 week olds- ha! Again, we were hoping he would pass out in the car on the way there and just sleep quietly in the corner. No such luck but he wasn't too noisy. It was good to be out and about in the real world yesterday though Caleb and I were both pretty tired by the end of the day.

Tomorrow our extended family on mom's side will come in town from Dallas. We are so excited to see all of them and Caleb is especially excited to meet his new cousin Julia (my cousin Tiffany's daughter). We also have our 2 week check up with the pediatrician and I am getting a much-needed haircut and highlight. Yippee!

Here's a great picture from our time last week with my mom here helping. She really was helping most of the time- not sleeping on the couch with Caleb and Samson :)


Kimberly said...

You sound like a pro already, but I'm not surprised!
He is getting so big already! I'm so excited I will get to meet him in a week or so!!!!!!!!! Till then have a wonderful Xmas and give him a kiss for us!

Ethel said...

I would love to have a print of the Grandma picture.
House hunting went great and I thing we have one with a binding contract and it will close at a later date. TTYL :)

Anonymous said...

omg that pic with your mom, caleb and the dog made me want to cry. so so sweet.
love temp

Kristi Webster said...

You are doing so well at the parenting thing! I am proud. Hopefully Caleb had a great Christmas. Did Santa bring him any toys?


Narissa said...

I loove the passifier - may have to have one for Adalie! Happy New Year - and I'm proud of you, you little mommie!