Saturday, December 2, 2006

Making Some Progress!

We talked to the doctor last night and got the OK for me to take Tylenol PM to help me sleep. It was wonderful! I slept from about 10 to 4 without waking up. Yippee! So even though things weren't necessarily progressing today, I was in a much better mood. My contractions continued to get stronger but not any closer together. This afternoon, Aaron and I debated about whether we just should go on up to the hospital (our doctor had said that was fine) or wait it out. Eventually, we called the doctor to see what he thought about setting tomorrow morning as our "deadline" to show up at the hospital either because we were making progress or because we weren't but were ready to make things happen. The doctor suggested meeting him up at his office to see where we stood and from then would either say "go on to the hospital" or "spend another night at home and head to the hospital in the morning". Our doctor is great to be so very helpful and considerate.

So we met him at the office around 6pm and I am dilated to a 4-- definite progress. We decided that we'd eat a bite of dinner and feed the dogs then head up to the hospital. We are also watching the Big 12 Championship so even though Aaron keeps saying "we can go when you're ready", he's not exactly moving away from the TV- ha!! As the doctor said, we are in for a long night but are eager to get things going and I'm eager for the drugs so we are headed to St. Francis:) We will be sure to keep you updated. Thoughts and prayers appreciated, as always!