Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Week 3 and Christmas

Sorry that this post is so delayed... we've been busy recovering from the holiday weekend. We had so much fun but were going, going, going the whole time so the house is a disaster and we've all been trying to catch up on sleep. Before I get into the Christmas stuff, just an update on the Incredible Growing Boy (aka Caleb). At his checkup on Friday, he weighed in at 10 pounds 5 ounces. He is growing like a weed and is now 3 1/2eeks old! Everything else checked out great and the next time we'll be back is when he's two months old for his first round of immunizations. I'm already fretting about it. Caleb has been kinda fussy over the last week with symptoms that indicate his tummy is hurting. The doctor said it could be signs of colic, especially if it happens around the same time each day. So now we are keeping an eye on that and dispensing Mylicon when needed.

The Peases and Fosters (my mom's side of the family) came in town on Friday evening and enjoyed chili at our casa then we hung out at my parents' house on Saturday for brunch, Christmas dinner, and gift exchange. It was so different AND WONDERFUL to have two babies around. Julia and Caleb were both too little to really notice each other but there were lots of fun photo opportunities. The Wilsons and Zach and Missy White stopped by and it was great to see them.
Below is our family picture at church on Sunday morning. What a great looking group, if I do say so myself. Uncle Larry had already left to go back home so he is not pictured. The babies behaved really well at church, except for the time when Caleb let one rip during a quiet part of the sermon. I was relieved we were sitting in the back or I am sure the minister would have heard it from the pulpit!
After the extended family left, we went back to our house and spent time getting ready for Caleb's first Christmas. Aaron took about a million (OK, closer to 60) pictures of Caleb under the tree in his "Baby's First Christmas" pjs. They were actually too small for this big ol' boy but he cooperated long enough to get some pictures. That night Aaron and I were heading to bed about 12:30 and we debated about waking Caleb up since he was due to wake up soon anyway. We decided to take our chances and were rewarded because he didn't wake up for 5 1/2 hours!
Christmas morning my parents and sister came over for breakfast, stocking opening, and gifts. It was a nice and relaxed time. That evening we joined Aaron's sister and brother-in-law and their immediate and extended family for dinner. It was our first time to meet our nephew Jake though he and big sister Addie were more interested in playing with all their new Christmas toys :)
Aaron had Tuesday off as well so we spent the day hanging around the house and watched movies. Today Caleb and I got out and about and took care of a few Christmas returns and exchanges. We will probably stay home tomorrow and clean house in preparation of Aaron's parents arriving this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I was so thrilled to see a Christmas blog! Hooray and I'm so proud of you for keeping this thing up to date. The pictures are ADORABLE, esp. the one in the Baby's First Christmas pajamas. And he is definitely growing!!!! I hope his little tummy feels better. My doggies had some tummy problems and today we had to bring Lucy in to the vet to get her checked out. Everything is normal though... she had some blood in her stool so I was of course scared to death! But she's ok, just on some antibiotics. Ok well I hope your week is going great. Love you and HAPPY 2007!
Love Temp

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