Thursday, December 7, 2006

We're home!

Aaron did a lovely job filling in but I (Emily) am back writing the blog. As you read from Aaron's post, we had quite the drama getting Mr. Caleb into the world but he is here and we couldn't be happier!! We had a great stay at the hospital and came home yesterday (Wednesday) after being cared for by Rachel and Brooke, our favorite duo of nurses that had taken care of us. Leaving the hospital was our first experience with how getting somewhere with a baby takes so much longer. We intended to leave around 3:30 and ended up not leaving until closer to 5:15. To our defense, we did spend quite a bit of time waiting for the nursery to discharge Caleb and for our host to arrive with the cart and the wheelchair.

My parents met us at our house with the task of helping keep the dogs calm as we introduced them to Caleb. It really went well and Mom and Dad did a great job distracting them as best anyone could. The pups were very excited to see us since we had been gone for 4 days and very curious about the noises coming from the infant carrier. Samson got so excited that he jumped up on the coffee table, something he's only done once before. We ate dinner with my parents and put Caleb in his Moses basket on the table so the dogs tried to stand on their hind legs and see where he went. I am thankful they are not any bigger than they are or they'd be in to all sorts of stuff.

When my parents left, Aaron and I kinda looked at each other like "Here goes!" and indeed it did. I hope that all people have a challenging first night at home or I will feel like a complete moron. It was about 2:15 when we were up with him that I thought, "So this is why people say to stay in the hospital as long as you can" and about 4:45 when we were crawling back in bed (again) that I told Aaron, "This is hard". Of course hormones and lack of sleep don't help anything. I am so thankful for Aaron's active participation in this. Seriously, he has just jumped right in to everything from changing diapers to writing down nursing and diaper schedules. He is so tender and sweet to Caleb; I am totally blown away. I think I have a cute picture of the two of them napping in the recliner that I'll try to post. We have strategized throughout the day as far as ways to make tonight go more smoothly.

Part of that strategy was to give Caleb his first bath. Of course, he hated it but it was really cute to see him so angry. We had watched the bathing video in the hospital and it said to keep the diaper on and wash that area then quickly change the diaper. Well, of course, we had already washed everything but his hair and go to take the diaper off and he gives himself a shower of a different kind. So then we were like, "Do we wash him all over again or just rinse him off?". HA! He actually calmed down after we changed the diaper and seemed to enjoy getting his hair washed. He is now clean and fresh and ready for his first pediatrician appointment tomorrow.

When he was born he weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces but weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce on Wednesday morning. The nursing thing has been going well and, without going into too many details on the internet, we are hoping we'll find out at the doctor that he is gaining back some weight. The biggest challenge as far as breastfeeding has been keeping him awake through the process. We've tried everything that's been suggested...from stripping him down to his diaper to putting a cold wash cloth on him. It works temporarily then he passes back out again only to wake up when we either change his diaper or an hour later when he wakes back up because he didn't fill up. The pediatrician has a certified breastfeeding consultant on staff so we will meet with her tomorrow. Hopefully she will have some helpful hints.

OK, must find some pics to post and then hit the hay to stay on our "schedule". Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and well wishes. Feel free to keep them headed this way as we figure out this parent thing.


Kimberly said...

Oh Emily I love hearing all about your new mommyhood experiences! I know you make an awesome Mother-and Aaron an awesome Daddy! Caleb is so adorable! I think he favors his momma!
Welcome to the wonderful (sleepless and worrysome) world of motherhood! Don't worry the sleepless part will pass before you know it (it becomes all a blur because your so tired!ha)
Can't wait to hear more about him but will understand if your too busy at first! Kiss him for me!

Kristi Webster said...

Emily, you guys are doing such a great job. It is funny hearing you explain in detail everything. You are going through exactly what I went through. I thought we just weren't that good at it. I think that it is just hard. You should be thankful that you have a husband that helps out so much. I know that is what helped me. Well, when you aren't being flooded with company, I want to come visit you and the baby. Keep on posting pictures. I check your website everday!!

Betsy said...


So glad you all are home and doing well. The sleep deprivation gets better- I promise. Sam is a super sleeper now- it just takes time. My biggest piece of advice is to savor every moment- even the sleepless ones. Babies grow way too fast!

Ethel said...

Thanks for the update ! You all are doing super. It's funny when you see your husband in the role of FATHER you fall in love all over again.
Nice hat, trust me he'll grow into it too fast.
I hope Baby toe kisses will be allowed, I can't resist
C U soon.

Heather Stauffer said...

Hey guys! Thanks for sharing the pics :) I've been checking and checking to see if there would be any since we couldn't make it to the hospital. Aarron, did you get Kyle's message about dinner? Emily, I went thru the same thing with Ellee as far as the falling asleep while nursing. While it was aggrevating, I just kept up with the tapping her feet, making her cold, etc...but I think she just really kinda 'outgrew it' after the first 2 weeks or so. Hope you figure something out, but just know, we did it too!!! Aarron, you get super duper daddy points for being a champ and helping Em out like you are!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys ! Been waiting to hear things about the birth and you keep blogging so we can keep up with baby Caleb! Congratulations! - Kim's mom